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MO professor: “If what Trump did is not impeachable, then nothing is.”

“If what President Trump pulled with Ukraine’s president is not impeachable, then nothing is.” Those words from Mizzou law professor Frank Bowman. He says the Constitution includes the abuse of power as an impeachable offense, not just a criminal violation.

“We make a strong distinction between the president’s duties to represent the country as a whole and his private political interests.”

He believes the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president was not only not in the best interest of the nation, but was solely meant as a means to help him win re-election.

“Turn this around for a second and consider whether, if you’re a Republican and you’re basically favorably disposed to Mr. Trump, and the names were reversed and this were President Obama making this kind of a call under these kind of circumstances whether you would think this was all hunky dory. If you’re honest with yourself, I don’t you can arrive at that conclusion.”

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham vigorously defends Trump and says he has zero problems with the conversation the president had.

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