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Watch out for e-mail business compromise scams

A CFO gets an email from a CEO  on vacation asking him to cut a large check and send it to a third party. 
Or an Human Director gets a request from a senior employee to send all future payments to a new bank account.

Or employees may get requests from a chaplain or charity to send donations to an off-company site. 

The requests could be legitimate. Or they be the result of an e-mail business compromise scam.

Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau says cases are skyrocketing. Cases were  50 percent higher in the first months of this year compared to 2018.

What’s the best defense?

“Doing two-code authentication is very helpful,”Garland says.

“Also, if your CEO or CFO is just down the hall, just walk down to them and talk to them about it. I guarantee you they would rather you call them on their cell phones than lose thousands of dollars.”

Garland says the scam has generated nearly 50,000 complaints and 80% of businesses have been affected.

She says the F.B.I. is investigating multiple cases of the email phishing scheme nationwide.

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