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Granby Woman On Mission To Secure Community Development Block Grants

Granby is in dire need of upgrading it’s wastewater treatment plant. The city hasn’t done any upgrades in over 30 years. The wastewater plant can’t handle all of the excessive rain water it’s been recently inundated with. The main goal is to build a storm water retention pond close by.

Granby resident Reggie Bard is leading the charge to help alleviate the cost of making the improvements to the wastewater treatment plant by going door-to-door conducting surveys so the city can apply for a Community Development Block Grant to offset the approximate $3 million price tag. By going door-to-door, this saves the city at least $3,000 from having to pay someone to canvas the town to get the surveys completed.

Bard is passionate about her small town. She also leads the Granby Volunteer Group to do free yard work for the elderly and disabled.

Bard tells News Talk KZRG the survey really only takes two minutes to complete.

“It’s basically asking about the cultural diversity of the city. What they’re wanting to know is the mean annual income of the residents, the population, how many people are in a household, how many families are living in a household. It doesn’t ask anything personally identifying. We don’t need names, social security numbers, or any of that stuff.”

The state provided Granby with 375 surveys and at least 300 need to be completed to apply for a grant.

If you live in Granby and haven’t filled out the survey, call Reggie Bard at 417-434-8115. You can complete the survey over the phone. A booth will also be set-up in the city park Saturday, August 24th for Food Truck Frenzy where you can fill out the survey or get more information.

The deadline to apply for the grant is September 30th, but Bard would like to get the surveys completed by September 1st because the application process is lengthy.

116 surveys have been completed as of the time of this report.



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