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Missouri Teacher Will Not Use Gender Title

A teacher in the St. Louis area is shedding their title that would identify them as a man or woman, and some parents are pretty upset about the issue of gender identity being brought up in an elementary school classroom, saying it’s inappropriate. The Kirkwood School District says they will fully support the teacher who goes by Mx, pronounced as “mix”, opposed to Miss or Mister.

The Kirkwood School District released this statement:

“The honorific Mx. (pronounced mix) is a people-first, non-gender specific title and is a preference by the teacher. We respect individual preferences from our teachers, staff, and students. Consistent with that practice, the decision was made to honor the request.

Decisions made by the District are made in the best interest of our students, the school community, and within the parameters of our District policies, and state and federal laws.

Our teachers teach the board approved curriculum and the topic of gender identity is not addressed in the District’s curriculum. If students ask why the teacher prefers the title Mx., the response will be that it is the preference of the teacher.”

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