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Joplin Human Society special: Take home a cat or kitten for only $20

Joplin seems to be the cat capital of America.

Joplin Humane Society Intake coordinator Miranda Carroll says the group has 318 cats and kittens awaiting adoption.

What’s the solution?

“Spay and neuter your own cats,” Carroll says. “There are so many cats getting pregnant right now. There are so many in our facility that it’s getting out of hand.”

Carroll says there is one and only one reason for the huge number of kittens in Joplin: Cats are not having the surgeries required to keep the females from producing litters of cats.

“Just four unfixed female cats in their lifetimes can produce 27 thousand kittens,” Carroll states.

The Humane Society is currently offering cats for $20.

That price includes spaying/neutering, microchipping, parasite treatments and vaccinations.

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