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Joplin Begins More Road Work Next Week

It’s road work season and Joplin is no stranger to it. Next week crews will begin ‘microsurfacing’ the roads in rough shape in the general area between “F” and 16th streets from Main to Maiden Lane.

Signs will be posted in your neighborhood.

If your street will be affected by the road work, an informational flier will be hung on your front door. No parking signs will also be posted along both sides of the street, and at both ends of each block within 48 hours of working starting.

General area of work will include streets within the area of “F” Street to 16th Street from Main Street to Maiden Lane. Streets are selected based on the pavement’s condition. See the map of where the micro-surfacing is taking place.

The first week of work will include the following streets, weather permitting.

  • North Jackson Avenue, from F Street to West 6th Street;
  • North Sergeant Avenue, from F Street to West 3rd Street;
  • North Pearl Avenue, from F Street to West 4th Street;
  • North Byers Avenue, from Glenview to West 6th Street;
  • North Moffet Avenue, from Glenview to West 6th Street;
  • South Moffet Avenue, from West 6th to West 16th Street.

Work should be done by the end of July.

The micro-surfacing project is funded by the Transportation Sales Tax.

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