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Naked Prowler Spotted In North Joplin

“It’s anybody’s guess, at one in the morning, what he was doing naked, but it’s very concerning.”

A naked man was spotted by Joplin Police peering into someone’s window in the 400 block of North Wall early Sunday morning. Police tried to track the man after he ran though several yards, then they received a call a short time later from a home four blocks away from someone that felt someone was watching them. The man still eluded capture. Captain Trevor Duncan wants you to take extra precautions.

“Sometimes we see people that don’t cover their windows, or have all of their lights on inside and you can see people from the street. And especially those with children, you just wanna keep your windows covered, and make it to where somebody can’t peek into your windows.”

The family that was asleep inside the home on Wall was unaware that a man was on their porch peering into their window.


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