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Missouri American Water To Improve Fire Protection in North Joplin

Missouri American Water is continuing to replace and upgrade older water mains in North Joplin in areas that have been prone to repeated water main breaks. The older 2-inch water pipe, which was originally installed in the 1950’s, are being replaced with new 8-inch water pipe. This will not only improve water service, but also significantly improve fire protection.

Joplin Fire Chief Jim Furgerson tells News Talk KZRG “Without an adequate supply of water, our ability to quickly extinguish a fire is hampered. We value our working relationship with Missouri American Water and the investments they have made throughout various parts of the city to not only address our needs, but the needs of the citizens.”

Senior Manager of Operations Matt Barnhart reiterated the message- “We work closely with Chief Furgerson and the entire department to ensure we make the investments necessary to maintain and improve water pressures throughout the entire system as that is a crucial component of fighting fires.”

About 25,000 feet of pipe will be replaced at a cost of $4.5 million. Missouri American Water expects the project to be finished by the end of December.

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