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Baker pleased with first term in Missouri Legislature

The 2019 Missouri Legislative session is drawing to a close.

The end of the session will mark the end of the first-ever session for District 161 Representative Ben Baker of Neosho.

Baker says he’s proud to have worked on a redistricting plan to undo the “Clean Missouri” act ….. and on tort reform in the “Better Together” bill.

Better Together would reduce costs and increase access by keeping out-of-state litigants from flooding Missouri courtrooms.

“Missouri is the premiere destination in the nation for out of state residents to file lawsuits,” Rep. Baker explains. “The reputation happening in our state is not good, attracting litigants from all over the country.”

St. Louis is primarily affected. Baker says roughly only 1,000 of about 13,000 cases being heard in St. Louis City are actually Missouri residents.

“That clogs up our dockets and our system. It costs the state as well. Reducing the numbers will strengthen our legal climate and bring fairness to our courtrooms.”

Baker says he’s pleased with his first term in office:

“One of the things I have enjoyed almost more than anything is how you learn about so many different topics,” Baker says. “It’s been a real experience. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“We’re moving in the right direction in our state,” he asserts.

Baker was elected last November. He’s a minister, missionary and former dean of students at Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho.

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