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Police Remain No Closer To Identifying Remains Found In Aurora

“It was in an extreme state of decay, that there was no flesh, no anything, it was just a skeleton. It has been there for so long, and it was scattered over a fairly large area.”

That’s Sgt. John Lueckenhoff with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. He tells News Talk KZRG they were called by Aurora Police this week to assist in an investigation after human remains were found by a mushroom hunter in area where people often dump garbage.

Lueckenhoff says at this time, it’s only a death investigation, not a homicide.

“There was nothing that was obviously indicative of a cause of death to the investigating officers.”

Those bones were mostly buried, and there weren’t any clothes or anything else around to identify the person.

Lueckenhoff even says there’s no telling how long the bones were there, or if it’s that of even a man or a woman.

The Lawrence County coroner is now in possession of the remains. Troopers have documented this as an “undetermined death”. At this time, without additional evidence, or someone coming forward with information, the case is basically at a standstill.

If you have any information, contact the Highway Patrol at (417) 359-1500.

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