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White against using general fund monies for roads

The Missouri Legislature is moving into the second half of its session this week. Last November, voters overwhelmingly rejected a gas tax increase that would have helped pay for highway funding.

Missouri State Senator Bill White says Missouri needs road funding but thinks taking the money needed from the general fund isn’t a good idea.

Proposition D, turned down by voters last year, would have added a 10-cent increase to the state’s existing gas tax. Some at the time thought the bill was needlessly complex.

White says he thinks a new bill should be forwarded next year, making the issue as clear-cut as possible:

“I am in favor of putting back on the ballot in 2020 a very clean, very clear straightforward ‘this is a gas tax’ with no things with medals or Highway Patrol – just straightforward, ‘this is what it is,’ White says.

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