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Reading to shelter dogs is FUN-damental

Reading to an animal in the shelter is not only fun, but it’s also amazing therapy for you and the animals. The Joplin Humane Society has started the Shelter Pals Reading program. They also received help with some book donations from the Carthage Literacy counsel.

Shelter animals are often scared. They are dropped in a strange place with strange people where it’s loud and doesn’t smell right to them. And, sometimes, they can even get “kennel crazy.”  Reading to a cat or dog in a shelter situation calms the pet as they listen to the soft tones of a good story.  The kids are asked to sit in front of an animal or animals and just read out loud. It’s amazing to watch as the dog or cat slowing becomes more and more docile and relaxed, making them more likely to stay calm and hopefully get adopted to a forever home.

As an added bonus the kids in the program learn better reading skills, empathy and compassion while making a difference and besides, it’s really cool.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the Joplin Humane society “shelter Pal Readers” you can find out all the information at:



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