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The Newton County Jail has a new visitation system

There’s a change at the Newton County jail if you’re visiting an inmate.

Newton County Sheriff Chris Jennings tells news talk KZRG that the change to the CIDNET system is effective immediately.  We asked Sheriff Jennings the reason for the changes. Jennings states

“it’s a manpower and safety issue. Plus it does allow the families to visit from home, which is a big benefit maybe for someone that has kids, they don’t have to load everyone up and come to the office. There is a charge for the for that video visitation, but I think most people will still find that very convenient.”  

With this new system, the Sheriff’s office is able to extend the hours of visitation and it will offer instant messaging as well.

The Newton County Sheriffs Office is making it safer and more convenient as they add new, state of the art, video systems and continue working on video arraignments. Sheriff Jennings says they’re always trying to improve the system.

  • In-house visitation hours will now be Monday-Friday
    8:00AM-11:00AM & 11:30AM – 4:30PM
  • All visitation will be conducted through the use of our new CIDNET video visitation system
  • Visitors may make video calls to an inmate through the use of their computer or cellphone from anywhere. [There is a fee to use this service]
  • Visitors may still travel to the jail for a visit; however it will be conducted through the video system, at no-charge. These in-house visits are limited to 15 minutes per week, per inmate.
  • Please see the front desk prior to the visit. First come, first served.
  • In addition to video chat, the system allows visitors and inmates to send instant messages. [There is a fee to use this service]
  • White socks, underwear and shirts may be dropped off at the front desk Monday-Friday
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