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This is NOT a Scam- Newton County Sheriff Sends Warrant Letters

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office will be sending you a letter this month to let you know if you have a warrant out for your arrest. While scams like this have circulated in the past that you need to mail a check, gift cards or give out your bank information in order to keep from being arrested, the Sheriff has confirmed that this is not a scam- they’re sending the letters in hopes that you’ll clear up those older warrants that have been active for a while.

Maybe they forgot they got a ticket or they thought an attorney took care of it for them. So, we send out a courtesy letter advising them there is a warrant for their arrest and asking them to either contact us or the Newton County courts before they’re arrested.


The letters will only be sent to those with misdemeanor warrants, not those with felony charges. You can also verify an active warrant by searching Missouri’s Casenet website. You can also contact the courts directly at 417-451-8210.

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