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How Bad is the Pennsylvania Bridge in Joplin

For the last two years the bridge on Pennsylvania in downtown Joplin has been in bad shape. It was built in 1929 to go over railroad tracks that led to the Frisco building. On Monday the city of Joplin was advised that the bridge must be closed indefinitely.

We spoke to David Hertzberg the director of public works for the City of Joplin and he told News Talk KZRG that the bridge is inspected every two years and that it failed because of the danger for vehicle traffic.

We asked why then the bridge is also closed to foot traffic? Could the bridge fall on people beneath? Mr. Hertzberg assured us that Joplin citizens are not in danger. “It’s able to stand up on its own. It’s the way the vehicles and the trucks, that’s why it’s being closed and obviously our concern to take that public safety priority first. “

The plans for the bridge from this point forward are a little up in the air. The need for an overpass is no longer a necessity, but cost is the deciding factor, so the city will be looking at all options. Everything will be determined by funding.

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