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Group rescues 43 dogs from hoarding situation in Chetopa

(AP) An animal rescue group says it is housing 43 dogs that were found in three different properties in southeast Kansas.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption says the animals were found Friday near Chetopa in deplorable conditions without drinkable water, medical attention or shelter in freezing temperatures.

Chetopa Police Chief Scott Faegen said the owner surrendered the animals after a new ordinance limited the number of domesticated animals someone can keep to six.

Faegen said the animals weren’t malnourished or sick but were being kept in a hoarding situation. “She was trying her absolute best, I believe, to provide for the dogs,” Faegen said. “She fed them every morning and night, but when you just have that many, you just can’t properly take care of that many.”

All of the dogs were taken to a shelter in Mission of the dogs tested positive for heartworms.

The rescue group says it needs more foster homes to help care for the animals.

The Chetopa 43 Arrive at Unleashed!

Last night our rescue team returned safely to the shelter with the 43 dogs from the hoarding situation in Chetopa, Kansas. No longer will these dogs have to live in their own feces without drinkable water, medical attention or shelter in below freezing temperatures! A lot of these dogs are snuggling safely in the warmth of foster homes but some of these pups are still in need of foster placement! We also need help covering the cost of the vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries they will all need, and medical treatment as some of the dogs have tested positive for heartworms. If you are interested in fostering with us please email us at! You can donate to their care by clicking on the button below or by visiting

Posted by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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