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Extreme Cold Front Headed to the Four States

Large portions of the country are getting hit with a blast of arctic air this week and the Four States are not immune to the blistering cold. KZRG’s Chief Meteorologist John Wetherbee says it’s going to be a bone chilling night.

“Dangerously cold tonight with north winds gusting to 20. We’ll see a low of 7, but with the wind chill it’ll feel like it’s minus 5. Mostly sunny, cold, 17 for tomorrow, 11 tomorrow night.”

The Polar Vortex is bringing record-setting cold to a wide swath of the nation. A Wind Chill Watch has been issued from 6 p.m. Tuesday through noon Thursday. Missouri could have wind chill factors between 10 below and 40 below.

The state Division of Fire Safety reminds you to be safe if you are using a space heater. A third of heating fires and 80 % of home heating fire deaths each year are caused by space heaters. Fire officials warn you not to leave a space heater unattended.

Try to limit your exposure outdoors and dress in layers. Animals should also have adequate shelter from the dangerous temperatures.


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