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Opioid Addiction in the 4-States

The Opioid epidemic is a real problem. And it’s not just problem that affects our nation, or causes the death of people in different parts of America. Opioids are a problem right here and they could be affecting you, or someone you love.

We spoke to Nathan Honeycutt, the clinical supervisor of New Directions in Joplin, and we asked him what the “face” of the Opioid epidemic is?  Nathan tells News Talk KZRG that it isn’t as clear cut as you might think.

“ …well, anymore it’s anything. We’ve been able to understand that people come into an addiction with opiods from many different walks of life, many different situations and there’s no face. It’s anyone at any point of their lives, at any situation, at any job. It’s something that’s affecting across the board. “

Nathan says it doesn’t matter your income level or your stature in life. When the power of opioids hit, the body responds and you need treatment to end the cycle of addiction.

If you or someone you love is struggling with this national crisis, you can get help. Call the crisis line at 417-347-7720.

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