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Former Rep. Charlie Davis Disputes Pelosi Claims On Veterans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disputed President Trump’s remarks to the nation Tuesday night in his plea for funding a southern border wall. He emphasized the human cost of a “growing humanitarian and security crisis”. The government is on day 19 of the partial shutdown as democrats and republicans refuse to come to a deal to fund a $5.7 billion dollar wall.

“President Trump has chosen to hold hostage the paychecks of 800,000 innocent workers, many of them veterans.”

But former Missouri State Representative Charlie Davis, who also chaired the Veterans Committee in the Missouri House, tells News Talk KZRG Pelosi needs to stop exploiting veterans to push her agenda.

“The way she comes out and says our veterans are going to be hurt because of this, our military is going to be hurt; she is absolutely lying. When she gets on the air waves and tries to scare people into thinking that the veterans are going to be hurt- it’s ludicrous and it’s an absolute lie.”

All VA clinics and hospitals are open, and veterans will continue to receive their monthly benefit and retirement checks.

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