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MO Legislators Considering Abolishing Property Taxes For Seniors

Would you be in support of doing away with property taxes for Missouri senior citizens if it meant hurting public schools? According to a bill introduced by Republican Representative Bill Kidd, schools across the state would lose between 75 and 300 million dollars. Kidd believes the impact is insignificant compared to the financial relief it would bring to senior homeowners.

“You’d finally get to own your house, so let’s quit worrying what it’s gonna do to the school district, and start worrying about the seniors we have sitting in houses that they never get to own.”

Superintendents disagree, saying it would force them to make cuts to their programs. Branson School Superintendent Brad Swofford says the legislation would see opposition from educators, including from his district.

“We would be concerned about that bill moving through simply because it would have a significant impact on our district, and most importantly, the education of our kids.”

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