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Possible Severe Weather is Coming Our Way, Are You Ready?

Snow, ice, loss of power, and dangerous conditions, are you prepared? As the possibility of severe winter weather heads to the area, we want to make sure that you and your family are ready and safe. So News Talk KZRG spoke to the owner of Henkles Ace Hardware, John Henkle, for some tips we can use all winter long.

John says to make sure you have a good shovel and plenty of ice melt or sand to give you traction to avoid a fall, or other accidents.

John also told us that we need to close the foundation vents on our home so the cold winter air doesn’t get into the crawl space and freeze your pipes. That cold arctic air under your home will also make it much harder to keep you and your family warm.

Finally, John warns people about the use of space heaters. When used properly, a space heater can be a convenient source of heat, but anything with a heating coil also takes a great amount of power and can lead to a blown breaker or worse.  Never use an extension cord with a space heater, don’t put more than one heater on any circuit in your home, and be aware of the power on your breakers. Plus, no matter what, never change a breaker to a larger size.  John Says sometimes, “your breaker is bigger than your lines are, your electrical lines, so at that point the lines are the weak points and they can get hot and burn…”

Avoid dangerous situations, protect your family and always be prepared.

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