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Native American Women’s Historic Congressional Victories

Two Native American women’s historic congressional victories add them to a record number of women elected to the U.S. House, following an election cycle that also saw a significant boost in Native American female candidates at the state and local level.

The incoming Native Americans, Sharice (sha-REES) Davids, of Kansas, and congress women Deb Haaland (HAAH-lund), of New Mexico are Democrats.

Haaland, a former New Mexico Democratic Party chairwoman, is a Laguna Pueblo member. She won her race in a New Mexico district that includes Albuquerque, and has credited a vast political network she built after nearly 20 years of working on other candidates’ campaign, and her own hard work.

Sharice Davids, who is Ho-Chunk, an attorney and a former White House Fellow, beat U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder to win her election for a district that includes suburbs in the Kansas City area.

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