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Hawley: Missouri Voters Tired of ‘Noise’ Over Trump Tweets

Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate and current Attorney General Josh Hawley says voters are tired of the “constant noise” and “hyperventilating” from the nation’s capital over President Donald Trump and his tweets.

Trump tweeted Thursday “3,000 people did not die” when hurricanes hit Puerto Rico. He called the widely accepted death toll an effort by Democrats to make him look bad.

Hawley wouldn’t comment directly on Trump’s claims but says voters are upset Washington is caught up in “who’s tweeting what” and what voters care about is whether things are getting done.

Hawley also showing more support for Trump’s southern border wall while blasting his opponent, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in a new opinion-editorial piece on Fox News.

You can read the full article here: GOP Senate candidate: America needs a border wall and an immigration policy to protect Americans


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