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Dancing Man Arrested for DWI on Main Street

A Webb City man was arrested for driving while intoxicated and getting out of the car and dancing in the middle of the road during a traffic stop on Main Street in Joplin Wednesday afternoon. Joplin Police were called just before 4 about a car speeding down North Main, running red lights. Officers pulled 24-year-old William Matteson over at 5th and Main. He blared the radio and quickly jumped out and began dancing. Matteson was just one of three people that were arrested for driving while intoxicated in Joplin Wednesday evening.

Captain Trevor Duncan says it was a different situation than they are used to. “He was a pretty big danger to himself, and others and put our officers in an interesting position cause that’s not something we expect to happen and we don’t know what the intentions are when somebody does something like that.”

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