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Do You Know The Warning Signs Of A Heat Stroke In Your Pet?

“If it’s possible to bring your pets inside to a cool, air conditioned area, that’s the thing to do.”

With a heat advisory in effect until Saturday, News Talk KZRG reached out to Joplin Humane Society Shelter Manager Lysa Boston to find out how we can better care for our four legged family members. Lysa told us what danger signs to look for when it comes to your pets in the severe heat.

“If there’s something that just does not feel right, get them to the vet, don’t wait. We’ve seen a couple pets brought in with a temperature over 105. That can be absolutely deadly.”

Excessive panting, lethargy or just a change in overall personality are all waring signs of something serious. Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and shade when they’re outside.

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