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McCaskill Concerned About Additional Tariffs on China

“The president’s trade war is gonna hurt Missouri terribly.”

Missouri Democratic US Senator Claire McCaskill voicing her concerns over the Trump administration is proposing an additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. She say that will likely lead to additional retaliatory tariffs on Missouri exports. “This trade war is already costing Missourians jobs and it needs to end. This dramatic escalation will only hurt more Missourians and bring greater uncertainty to those who need it most—our farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers.”

Read McCaskill’s full statement below:

“We enjoy a trade surplus in Missouri in agriculture—as we do in this entire nation. Agriculture is where the retaliation is occurring. Soybean farmers all over the state are having sleepless nights right now wondering how they’re going to ever be able to recover the high costs of input, if they are ever going to enjoy the profits that their really great farming produces in terms of high yields. We need these markets all across the world—and I want to go after China cheaters. We can go after China cheaters without costing Missourians their jobs, whether it’s agriculture or whether it’s manufacturing. You look at a number of companies around the state, and we’ve been visiting these companies and I’ve even personally visited one of them, where instead of helping manufacturing, these tariffs are causing people to be laid off—and they’re chasing these companies’ customers into the arms of the Chinese. That makes no sense.”

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