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McCaskill Back-Pedals, But No Apology Over RV Debacle

Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is not backing down following the fallout that she’s a phony for lying about using an RV to tour the state.

It all began when McCaskill tweeted a photo of staffers in front of her campaign RV on May 25th before she made a series of campaign stops across the state. On Tuesday, the conservative Washington Free Beacon published a public GPS tracking map of her plane which tracked the path of the RV over two days from St. Louis, to Joplin, to Kansas City, ending in Columbia.

The Beacon noted McCaskill never mentioned the her use of her private plane. The Senator then lashed out on Tuesday saying the report was “not accurate” and she wasn’t “pretending” to use an RV. Then Wednesday she back-pedaled, but refused to apologize, and said she used her own money to pay for the use of the plane to visit with Missouri veterans. That comment came only after President Trump tweeted that McCaskill was a phony over the debacle.

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