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Water Bills In Joplin To Go Up

Rate increase for Missouri American Water approved

For the first time in six years, water bills in Joplin will be going up. The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a rate increase for Missouri American Water. Christie Barnhart with Missouri American Water tells News Talk KZRG how large the increase will be in your monthly bill.

“The average residential user in Joplin is about 4000 gallons…and for them the rate increase would be about $3.39 a month.”

Barnhart added you can save money by conserving how much water you use.  “That is the cost you have a little more control over.  So for those residents that are very conscious about how much water they use, if they use any conserving measures, they might see a small decrease on their bill.”

Barnhart says the higher rate is to pay for improvements to water infrastructure in Joplin and across the state.

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