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Freeman Earns STEMI Designation

For care of heart attack patients

Freeman Health System has been honored for its work treating heart attack patients. Freeman received a Level One STEMI designation from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

“Freeman, working in tandem with the area’s ambulance services, has passed very strict tests and met rigorous standards that are proven to improve care and outcomes for patients.”

Freeman President and CEO Paula Baker tells News Talk KZRG the national standard for a heart patient to enter the hospital and gets to the operating table is 60 minutes. She says Freeman’s average time is 40 minutes, which can be critical in saving a life.

Freeman Cardiologist Dr. Robert Stauffer tells News Talk KZRG fast response in the field leads to fast treatment in the emergency room.  “Now we’re making the diagnosis in the field, so if they’re 35 minutes away, that takes 35 minutes out of that gap. Sometimes we’ve had patients whose arteries have been opened within 12 minutes of hitting the door here.  Which if you think about it, our emergency room is clear on the other side of the hospital (from the Heart & Vascular Institute), so 12 minutes is pretty impressive.”

Stauffer says the level of care for heart attack patients at Freeman is the same as at any big city hospital.

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