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Joplin High Schoolers Prepare To “Walkout” Wednesday In Honor Of Florida Shooting Victims

“The most important thing is that the students have a conversation with their parents.”

Some Joplin High School students will be participating in a national walk-out Wednesday in honor of the 17 people that lost their lives at a Florida High School one month ago. While this is not a school sponsored event, the administration has approved a student request to hold the 17-minute-long memorial at 10 a.m. on the practice field. School Board President Jeff Koch tells News Talk KZRG every student that plans to participate is required to bring a signed permission slip.

“As a school, we don’t want to take the role of the parent, but this also makes sure that those people that want to go just to get out of class will not have that opportunity.”

Joplin High School is on block scheduling, so each class is approximately 90 minutes long. The memorial will be held during the last six minutes of first period, and the first 11 minutes of second period. Students will be responsible for all missed class work.

Koch also reiterated that this is not intended to be an anti-gun protest, but a peaceful memorial to honor the students and staff that lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The public is not invited to attend.



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