Joplin Council Discusses Raises For Police & Fire

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The Joplin City Council spent about 90 minutes at a work session Monday night (2/12) talking about a pay plan that would allow the City to give raises to firefighters and police. City Manager Sam Anselm proposed creating a plan that would involve steps for City employees. City Finance Director Leslie Haase told the Council she could not recommend a budget that would force the City to lay off people. Councilman Taylor Brown tells News Talk KZRG Joplin citizens have made it clear they value having a safe city.

“So I want to represent citizens and I want to hear our staff come up with possible solutions.  And I think those solutions are there.  We just have to dig a little bit deeper.  And we have to do what a council is supposed to do–and make tough decisions.”

Brown added the Council may need to have a conversation on how the City can generate more revenue.

Joplin Mayor Mike Seibert tells News Talk KZRG the problem is finding the money to pay for those raises.  “It’s easy to approve things.  But you have to fund them.  Where are you going to find the money?  And that’s really essence of the opportunity and the essence of the challenge right there.”

Seibert says he wants more information on what Joplin’s Police and Firefighters do compared to other cities of the same size…as well as compare how the pay stacks up.

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