Joplin City Council Discusses Use Tax

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The Joplin City Council held a work session Monday night to discuss a number of issues. One of those topics was the Use Tax. They talked about appointing a citizen’s committee to look at placing a Use Tax on a ballot at the next council meeting.

City Finance Director, Leslie Haase, explains the details. “A Use Tax would be something that is paid on items bought out of state but brought into our city for use.”

“A company that orders construction materials out of town, but brings it in to town for use..if we had a Use Tax in place, then the Use Tax would be assessed on that,” adds Haase.

A goal of the use tax is to protect in-state retailers against unfair competition from out-of-state sellers that are not required to collect tax. It also looks to ensure that all of the state’s residents help fund local/state programs and services no matter what state they are shopping in.

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