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OnStar Helps Catch Car Thief

A man from Butler is facing charges in Missouri and Kansas after he allegedly committed a string of vehicle thefts that ended when OnStar disabled one of the automobiles. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department says officers were called early Sunday (11/12) to a vehicle theft in rural Crawford County. A truck that previously was stolen from Frontenac was found at that address, but another truck was now missing. The second truck was found when deputies were dispatched to another home, where a Chevy Malibu equipped with OnStar technology had gone missing.  OnStar was contacted and located the Chevy in Asbury. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office found the vehicle, with the suspect inside, after OnStar disabled it. 20-year-old Kyle Boulais of Butler was arrested and is being held in the Jasper County Jail.

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