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JHS Parents Refute Story Of ‘Dress Code Violation’ Teen

Following allegations that a Joplin High School teacher body shamed a female student in front of an entire class over a dress code violation by commenting on her breasts and body size, the district says they can’t comment since it’s a personnel issue.
“Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to satisfy the inquires people are making because of the privacy concerns, and I think everybody deserves that respect.”
But since the story broke, News Talk KZRG has received numerous calls and messages from the parents of students in the class refuting the teen’s story.
We reached out to 17-year-old Kelsey Anderson’s attorney Elizabeth Turner, and asked if she was planning on moving forward with litigation against the school district in which Turner replied via email, “We will be making sure Kelsey gets the education she deserves and that other young women are protected from situations similar to this one. How that shakes out remains to be seen.”
News Talk KZRG will continue to follow this story.
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