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Gun Shop Told Not To Display Firearms At Third Thursday

A downtown firearms store is being told they can participate in Joplin’s Third Thursday, but only if they don’t bring their guns. Brandon Kelly, owner of Rayzor’s Edge Tactical says the Joplin Downtown Alliance says he cannot display his custom-finished firearms as artwork. Kelly says the guns are not in danger of being fired.
“We keep them under knife-locked cases, cable-locked and everything,” Kelly says. “While they’re on display, they’re completely safe, completely unloaded.”
Rayzor’s Edge has displayed the firearms in previous years, but according to Kelly, the Downtown alliance says he can no longer display his wares at the event.
The Third Thursday events are held monthly in downtown Joplin and feature local artisans, musicians and food vendors.
Kelly says they don’t display standard issue firearms, but instead custom-finished guns. Kelly says he feels the custom firearms fit in with the artisan theme of Third Thursday.
“That’s kind of what we displayed down there,” Kelly says. “Staying with the art scene, the custom stuff, and that’s kind of what brings people into our business. Rayzor’s Edge will have a booth at this Third Thursday (5/18) but instead of custom firearms, Kelly will have a petition asking the Joplin Downtown Alliance to reconsider it’s position. NewsTalk KZRG has reached out to the Downtown Alliance for comment.
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14 thoughts on “Gun Shop Told Not To Display Firearms At Third Thursday”

    1. Only cars don’t kill peo….wait….wait a minute…..

      and here i was thinking this area would remain relatively safe from left wing lunacy and fear mongering….seems as though i was wrong…

      1. It’s not the gun that kills people.
        It’s the person with the gun.
        And people kill people with cars too. SMH.

  1. Guess where I’m not shopping anymore. If downtown merchants want my business they can put enough pressure on their organization to make them reverse this. I’ll also be contacting my city councelman

  2. I find this very disappointing that we have to deal with this In our area. I think these idiots need to move to California or some other lib stronghold, we need to find out who is in charge and let them know we don’t need them to protect us. And not shop or patronize this event or their businesses.

  3. When the “director ” of this alliance,Lori Haun is the wife of one of the snowflake artists , your guns are a microaggresion to the community. So my answer is to not fund any of these businesses or Lori&jeremy Haun ventures until such a time as they start respecting other businesses in the Joplin area.

  4. This is wrong. It’s not like they are offering a shooting range in the middle of the street, they are simply showcasing their custom product. It is locked multiple times and is literally only on display for the artistic component. I hope the Alliance reconsiders their unjust decision and allows them to display. This place is one of the most eclectic gun shops I have ever been to and a definite positive presence for Downtown Joplin.

  5. Guns don’t kill people. Stupid people kill people. Just saying. The guns aren’t loaded, they’re locked up, and people are watching them.. SMH.

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