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One Dead After Home Invasion In Baxter Springs

A man is dead after a home invasion Sunday afternoon (1/29) in Baxter Springs.  Baxter Springs Police say early in the afternoon, a man entered a home on 6th Street armed with a knife.  The homeowners were home and were assaulted and threatened.  One of the homeowners fatally shot the suspect.  The suspect is identified as 43-year-old Chebonnie Saggert.  The homeowners were not injured. There is no known connection to the homeowners and Saggert.  Baxter Springs Police are investigating.

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22 thoughts on “One Dead After Home Invasion In Baxter Springs”

  1. Nikki Shoemaker, he probably shouldn’t have invaded someone else’s home. Actions have consequences. Looks like he paid the ultimate price for his.

  2. You guys don’t know the person he was. He was such an awesome uncle dad grandpa and brother. He just got into drugs and made a mistake. Please be considerate of his family as we mourn the death of such an as awesome man.

    1. No. He put other peoples safety on the line, and infringed on their rights. He got exactly what he deserved. Your uncle was a piece of shit, and should be remembered as nothing more.

      1. And you’ll get what you deserve one day from running your piece of shit mouth. I pray to God you get shot in your fucking head faggit. Fuck you.

    2. Hey Nikki before you cuss out another stranger commenting on a pretty supported view… what if your family had been threatened by a person having trouble and making a mistake? Would you comment if your family in fear shot a killed that suspect? Or what if your uncle had stabbed and killed the homeowners, still so quick to attack those voicing disgust? Go ahead cuss out me and others, this isn’t inconsiderate to you or your family. Showing up at his funeral and disrespecting your grieving would be such an inconsiderate act. Grow up, stop lashing out to anyone who believes in the right to protect themselves and loved ones. Any cousin rapists, who just have difficulty finding a girl you want to emphatically stand up for too?

    3. I understand Nikki but he broke into a home and assaulted this family! I agree it is horrible what drugs can do to a person but he was a danger to society. My prayers are going up for this family that was assaulted and also for the family of the man that committed the crime and was killed.

    4. Such an awesome man??
      Im sorry, did you not read the headline? HE BROKE INTO SOMEONE’S HOME, ASSAULTED AND THREATENED THEM WITH A KNIFE wanna sit here and defend someone like that. What if it were your family huh? Yea it wouldn’t be so awesome then would it….!#@$!

  3. This man was not a nice guy, he was my one of my best friends step father and was very abusive to his family . He paid the ultimate price for his action this time . Very sorry to hear for his loved ones though.

  4. Do you know what it does to someone to have to kill someone? This family was traumatized when their home was broke into. These people probably never dreamed they would ever kill someone. They will have issues to go through for a long time to come…

  5. Apparently he wasn’t this awesome guy you think he was. My parents were murdered because of a situation like this.

  6. He broke into a house with larceny in mind. He was carrying a knife, I’m assuming as protection, meaning he was willing to stab someone while committing his particular crime, but some would have you believe he was a nice, decent citizen. Nice decent citizens don’t break into other people’s homes carrying a deadly weapon for protection.

  7. I knew him and his kids and I understand what he did wrong but the lord didn’t create us to judge people due to their mistakes. I’m not defending him in any way but he was a good person before he got on the drugs

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