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Right To Work Passes MO Senate

Missouri’s Senate has passed a right-to-work bill to ban mandatory union fees.

Senators voted 21-12 on Thursday (1/26) to send the bill to the House. House members last week passed an almost-identical bill.

Right to work has new momentum with Republican Governor Eric Greitens’ support. He says he’ll sign it if the GOP-led Legislature sends it to his desk.

Supporters say right to work will draw business to the state and give workers the choice not to pay into a union. Opponents say it’s an attempt to weaken unions and could lead to lower wages.

The Senate version of the bill includes a provision that would exempt current union contracts until they expire. That’s not in the bill passed by the House, which now is pending in the Senate.


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19 thoughts on “Right To Work Passes MO Senate”

        1. The only workers that want right to work aren’t smart enough to be worth more that what little bit their bosses offer!!! Right to work is right to work for nothing!!

          1. Right to work simply allows people to get a job without being forced into a union or keep their job without being forced into one should one spring up. It’s a basic right to be able to not be forced into an organization. Stop with your mob like tactics because you know deep down FORCING people to join unions is wrong.

            If unions are so undeniably good, then let people make the decision as to whether they want to be in one or not themselves lol, because that’s exactly what right to work does. It allows people to decide FOR THEMSELVES if joining a union will be better for them or not.

          2. By your comments if unions are so bad then why work for a unionised company and demand the same benefits the union men and women fought for….more of the entitlement mentality that has nearly ruined this country!!!! give me union benefits without paying for them and demand the stewards handle grievances like paying members……YUP ENTITLEMENT at its FINEST!!

          3. That makes zero sense. If a person can get a job without having to pay dues, how does that affect you? If a person can keep a job without having to pay dues, how does that affect you? Oh, yes, it affects the unions bottom line and ability to give to democrats. Boo hoo, you’re days of being able to force people to join unions like a thug are coming to an end.

          4. Posted like a proud non-union / anti-union rat…it makes perfect sense!! As union members our stewards get to represent and defend these deadbeats you hold so dearly…Try reading up on all of the ramifications of right to work for nothing before posting your ignorance. No thug involved, as the general climate around Joplin people are brainwashed against unions!!

          5. Questions?? all you posted were talking points and trash, read up on right to work and stop posting how clueless you are!! BTW Trade Unions like UA, the Operating Engineers, the Teamsters, the United Mine Workers and more trades is why Trump is in that office and not the un-convicted felon over 50% of the trades back him so spare us the play book talking points!!

          6. What do I care? I wanted Cruz. And no, I have asked questions. Try reading my comment again and look for every sentence ending in a question mark.

          7. Ending with a question mark does not make talking points questions!! I’m typing slowly so you will understand it, the right to work lovers are nothing more than deadbeats that want union representation without paying for it!! It also makes sense now, you are a Cruz supported…you know, the Canadian!! His parents were enumerated in Alberta, you do not get enumerated if you aren’t Canadian it is equal to voter registration down here, or at least it was back then..

          8. That makes no sense. You’re typing slowly… Lol are you stupid? And yes they are questions. Just because you can’t answer good questions doesn’t mean they aren’t questions. Usually, when there is a ? at the end of a sentence, that means it’s a question and I as the asker am STILL waiting for you to address those questions. I’m trying to figure out why you’re distracting with some bullschit about Cruz being born in Canada like it matters lol.

          9. Typing slowly because you have shown repeatedly you aren’t smart enough to understand simple answers to your talking point trash! You claim to be Conservative but in the whining for free Union representation you are nothing more than another entitlement libturd like McASSkill..gimme gimme gimme and we pay for it!!

          10. You can’t show that you’re typing slowly so your comment is nonsense. You can read what you said either fast or slow so you typing slowly shows that you never took a typing class. Actually, I’m not the one whining, you are. You’re the one who’s trying to force people to join organizations they don’t want to. You have literally zero right to force people to join a union and to steal someone’s money like that, yet you act like you do because you’re a putrid little tyrannical leftist nut case with views that are rapidly dying. Did I claim to be conservative? I’m looking and I don’t see me ever saying that to you. Actually, I don’t care about your bullschit “representation”, aka your theft of my money so you can give it to democrats, because unions should be illegal to begin with. There is literally NOTHING morally justifiable about forcing people to join a group YOU decided to make and then proceeding to bit-c,h and moan about it when they don’t want to join your thug group they told you they don’t want to join that you decided to make even though people told you they don’t want to join. No one told you to start a union, so where do you come off trying to force people into it? That’s called shanghaiing. There is literally nothing moral about being able to basically hijack a company which you have literally NO OWNERSHIP OF AT ALL just because you fkin’ work there. What the fk is that? That’s called stealing. So because you work somewhere that you agreed to work at you have a right to take what isn’t yours? What kind of property rights violation bullschit is that?

          11. Sorry but you are the putrid leftist here, you and your pathetic ilk seem to feel somehow you are entitled to the rights others fought for and to have them handed to you because you blubber about how it is thug tactics to make you pay for the representation the Union gives you in negotiations….Just another entitlement deadbeat libturd…..pathetic, You really should change your handle to I’m a deadbeat lib entitled to your Union wages without the cost….FIT YOU PERFECTLY!!

          12. I’ll give you the perfect “right to work”, get a job at a signatory company and negotiate your own pay, health and welfare package, and stay non union….but DO NOT expect to have the same privileges and protections offered by union membership, you will just be another deadbeat riding along without paying the fare!!

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