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Joplin Teen Killed In Accidental Shooting

A Joplin teen was killed by gunfire Friday afternoon while she and her husband were horsing around in their home, according to Newton County Sheriff’s deputies. 19-year-old Jona Rosson was shot in the stomach at her home in the 4300 block of Connecticut Avenue. Investigators say a gun, that was holstered on her 21-year-old husband’s belt, accidentally went off, hitting Jona. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Officials have classified the shooting as accidental, but say the incident is still under investigation.


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23 thoughts on “Joplin Teen Killed In Accidental Shooting”

      1. Why don’t you shut up Darth Patton. You have no idea what or who your talking about. He and his family are going through enough right now and your comments aren’t really helping

        1. I agree why don’t you try having some compassion for the family I know the family and they are good people so why y don’t you go fuck off

    1. It happens all the time. Quit judging people! I had it happen to me 2 years ago, I was lucky and it shot into ground.

      1. please do us all a favor and don’t carry a firearm in public until you understand how they function and operate, the life you safe could be one of my family members.

        1. FYI I have my carry conceal permit…. I took classes!!! Just like the with this incident, you weren’t there. Why don’t you just show some sympathy for this family!!!

  1. Realy sad that she died, sounds like that boy had no right carrying a firearm in the firstplace….irresponsible and careless..

    1. He is in the Army. He has all rights to carry one. I know the man and he would never do anything to hurt his wife or daughter.

      1. Hope he loses that right, horse play and guns should never be in the same sentence, incidents like this is giving gun owners a bad name,he definitely needs more training and should not be aloud to carry till such training is achieved

  2. Why don’t everyone try and have some compassion for the boy it was an a damn accident it happens stop judging what I FN it was an your family you’d have compassion then

  3. It’s nice that you guys can sit behind your computer screens and judge when you have no idea what happened. Must be nice to be so perfect to have never made a mistake. My nephew loves (yes LOVES) his wife. This was an accident. He would never hurt her.

  4. I personally know Keegan and Jona. My heart broke when I heard the news, because I know just how much they meant to one another. This is a tragic loss for all involved. It was an accident and one that occurred while they were being goofy and horse playing with each other something they did regularly. Please, when making comments about what happened remember this family is in mourning they are suffering the loss of a wife, Mother, daughter, sister and a friend. Jona was a unique person. She was beautiful, she was kind and she will be missed by all who knew her. I will never forget your smile, your laugh or your personality. If you have something negative to say please think before you post and maybe take your opinion to your personal Facebook page instead of a public news story where people who love and know this couple have to read such harsh and judgemental posts.

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