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Stella Man Dies In Two Vehicle Crash Near Fairview

A man from Stella is dead after a two vehicle accident Thursday afternoon (8/11) on Route HH west of Fairview.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol says 19-year-old Daniel Marks died when his car was hit head-on by a pickup driven by 38-year-old Christopher Hancock of Purdy. Hancock was going east and crossed the center line. Hancock was taken to a Joplin hospital with serious injuries. The accident happened around 4pm.

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13 thoughts on “Stella Man Dies In Two Vehicle Crash Near Fairview”

  1. Whats the deal with driving around here. You take your life into your hands driving around here. I see it all the time. STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE DAMN ROAD

      1. Heartless the 38 year old was left of center at the top of a hill and kill a good young man. Wasted a life all because your can’t drive. This young man went to my wife’s school and we knew him. Heartless? I thing taking a life because you can’t drive is heartless.

        1. My uncle is not heartless. Him to, is a great man. A family of 3 kids. Does everything he can for his friends and family! You sir are being ignorant and inconsiderate. He can to drive. He had a medical issue. And things went wrong. So please take your nasty comments about my family elsewhere. There is absolutely no reason to speak of someone you don’t know this way. Our family is crushed for the young man to pass. Especially since they knew each other. So again please stop your hatred and have a good night. God bless.

          1. Medical condition? Maybe he shouldn’t be driving then. Do other families a favor before he kills a whole family and take him off the road.

          2. I’m with you Steven this young man had his whole life ahead of him.. I’ve buried 4 children my heart just cries for Daniels family, Courtney my dear you still have your uncle, I pray he recovers, but stays off the roads

          3. Stop the nonsense and criticism. You are acting outragous.
            I understand you are hurt and frustrated. But there are so many people affected by this situation other than Daniels family. I truly grieve for all involved in this. (including my own family). Which knew him. Please stop.

  2. Just want to say. This is my family member.
    I pray and send condolences to Daniels family and friends.
    Also he has more than just “serious” injuries. Is was air lifted to a major hospital to undergo serval surgeries. Including one on his heart.

    1. Courtney, I am so sorry to hear this about Chris. He and I were good friends when we worked together. So much so that I have had several people call and text me letting me know he was in an accident. I’ve been so worried about him. Thank you for posting what you did so I at least know a little bit. I would like to talk to you if that would be okay? On FB you can find me under Kim Hartzler. Again, I am so very sorry you and your family are having to go through this. I will definitely keep Chris as well as the entire family in my prayerd. As well as the loved ones for the other driver. It’s just a sad situation all the way around. My heart breaks for everyone!

      1. Thank you so very much. He is still on a ventilator. Unconscious. Has at least 3 surgeries to still go through. The major one has been done. And we are seeing if he will stay stable. Which he had torn his aorta. I pray for Mr Marks family and friends. I could not imagine the pain they are going through. We are all crushed. My uncle I know will be so very heart broken when he finds out.. have a good night.

        1. Thank you so much for the info Courtney. I just can not get him off of my mind. I know he is in ICU but is he anywhere near here to have visitors when he gets out of ICU? I am so very worried about how he is going to handle to news when he finds out. He is going to be absolutely devesated! Chris would never ever intentionally hurt anyone. It is truly a sad…sad situation. Thank you again so very much for letting me know how he is doing. If you could please….please…..please keep me up to date on his condition…I would be forever grateful! I will give you my number so it can stay private. My number is 417 658 6037. Please let me know when you get this so I can take my number off of this post. Have a blessed night Courtney!!!

  3. Courtney, Dear just ignore these ignorant people with their rude, nasty, inconsiderate comments. Lord forbid that either of them have a terrible, tragic, accident like this happen to them. Since they are I’m sure perfect people, perfect drivers, that make no or have ever made any mistakes or had something out of there control happen to them. When terrible tragedies like this happen…people lose their minds and come out of the wood work to run their mouthes. Unfortunately I knew this type of ignorant, childish, crap would eventually start up. May our Lord have mercy on their souls and forgive them for there judgemental comments. Everyone who KNOWS Chris…knows that he is a great guy, an amazing father, a wonderful family member, and friend. Just try your best to ignore these hate filled people and focus on him, your family, and yourself hun. People are always going to judge no matter what happens or who it happens to unfortunately. We live in such an ungodly world now days and it’s so sad. Just keep your faith sweet girl that he is going to make it through this. If you need anything at all please let me know! It would probably be best to just stay off of here because people are just going to keep talking their nonsense and that will just upset you more and take your focus off of your family. Let them talk their ignorance, and you just keep praying for that boys family, Chris, your family, and the people making the horrible, tasteless comments. I know that’s exactly what I’m going to do. God bless you, Chris, your family, and the people commenting on this post.

  4. I am very saddened, of course, by my son’s death. I am overwhelmed by the love extended to me and my family during this time. I am at peace with the time God has chosen for Daniel to go home. August 11, 2016 was his time to go. Please let no one assume why the other person involved had crossed over into Daniel’s lane. This person is in very serious condition. Pray for him. Don’t pass judgement. That is what Daniel would want. Again, thank you for the loyal devotion of love shown towards my son.

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