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Kander Campaigns In Joplin

Missouri US Senate Candidate Jason Kander brought his campaign bus to Joplin Wednesday (7/27).  The Democrat, who is currently Missouri’s Secretary of State, said Washington needs to change. Kander tells News Talk KZRG a reason for Washington’s gridlock is that Congress has the fewest number of military veterans than it’s ever had.

“In the military, we learn how to have people from different perspectives and different people and different backgrounds and rally together around the mission of serving the American people.”

Kander is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan.

Another topic Kander discussed was funding to stop the Zika virus.  Last month, Senate Democrats blocked a federal spending bill that would have provided over a billion dollars to fight the Zika virus.  It was blocked because Republicans wanted to cut funding to Planned Parenthood clinics.  Kander criticized Republicans and special interests for the block.  But when News Talk KZRG asked if Planned Parenthood was a Democratic special interest group, he replied: “Again, it doesn’t make any sense to take away contraception funding when you’re trying to fight a virus that is sexually transmitted.”

Kander also tried to paint Senator Roy Blunt, the man Kander would run against in November, as the reason Zika funding wasn’t passed.
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